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Dagtoertaxi Artga
About us

Artga Taxi is a registered taxi company with a long experience in the taxi business in Amsterdam.
In the last few years, owner Arthur Weegeman worked together several times with Marius Hovius, the owner of De Dagtoertaxi, who terminated his company on November 1, 2018.
Since then Artga Taxi continues his activities under the name Dagtoertaxi Artga, with the same web address http://dagtoertaxi.nl, but with different contact information.

Pick up region

Dagtoertaxi Artga is available for one way taxi services that begin or end at an address in the wide region of Amsterdam, and for day tours and round trips that begin and end in that region.
On request, exceptions can sometimes be made at a surcharge for the extra (unoccupied) kilometers.


The availability of Dagtoertaxi Artga is limited and irregular, but the (varying) working hours are usually somewhere between 4:00 AM and 8:00 PM on business days. On request, exceptions can sometimes be made (provided well in advance).

Price appointments

The taxi meter rates in the Netherlands are relatively high, especially since the VAT rate for transportation has gone up in 2019, as well as the taxi insurance premiums.
Therefore, if possible, it is always advisable to make a price appointment in advance.
Dagtoertaxi Artga can make these price appointments for private tours and long distance taxi services (>50 kms), based on the long distance rates in this website and the fastest route according to the route planner.

Of course it is also possible to ask the driver to use the meter and to pay the meter price.
In that case you will pay a start rate of € 3,19 plus € 2,35 per kilometer plus € 0,39 per minute.

Payment methods

You will always pay directly to the driver at the end of the taxi service.
Dagtoertaxi Artga accepts cash payments (in Euros), European debit cards with a Maestro or V-pay logo, Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Passengers from SEPA countries (who have the possibility to pay with a European debit card) pay a surcharge of 2% for credit card payments. Not accepted are € 200 en € 500 bank notes, other currencies than Euros and cheques (including Travellers Cheques).

General terms and conditions

Dagtoertaxi Artga uses the General Terms and Conditions for Taxi Transport, dated June 22, 2006.
You can find these by clicking on the following link: General Terms and Conditions.

In addition to these general terms and conditions, the following applies:
Although the taxi is equipped with a certified alarm system and the driver will do anything he can to park the taxi at a safe place during stops, the taxi insurance never covers the risk of thefth of luggage from an unattended taxi. For this reason, Dagtoertaxi Artga can not accept any responsibility for this risk. This implies that leaving  luggage in the unattended taxi (for example while the driver guides you) is at your own risk.

Below you will find some additional rules for airport transfers.

Airport transfers

A definitive reservation for an airport transfer can only be made when the definitive flight information is available. It is possible to let Dagtoertaxi Artga already know when you expect to arrive/leave, but this is not considered as a reservation.
If the flight schedule changes after a definitive reservation has been made, Dagtoertaxi Artga cannot guarantee that the taxi will still be available at the new arrival time. If not, the appointment will be cancelled without any mutual costs.

If a reservation is made for transfer from an airport, the driver will let the passengers know where he will meet them. In some situations, the passengers can be charged for the parking costs at the airport,

Privacy statement

According to the Dutch Privacy law, Dagtoertaxi Artga has a privacy statement.
On this page you will find information about the following items: