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On this page you will find 9 tour examples with prices. Each tour can be adapted to your wishes. The durations in the examples are just indications. If you prefer to spend less hours on a tour, this is also possible, and the price will be adjusted accordingly. If none of these tours appeals to you and/or if you have any other specific wishes, Dagtoertaxi Artga can give you a quote for a fully customized tour.

The tour prices include VAT and additional services during stops. Not included are entrance fees (see end of page), meals, tolls, ferry costs, and extra costs that the driver has while providing additional services during a stop (e.g. for parking, his entrance fees, his meals). The durations and prices do not include extra time for shopping, visiting museums (other than Kroller Muller), etc. However, each tour can be extended at a surcharge of € 6,00 per 15 minutes for the extra waiting time.
1. Countryside, fishermen villages, windmills Zaanse Schans

This combination of touristy highlights and some unknown pretty places is perfect for first time Holland-visitors who want to leave the city for a day. You will drive through the scenic countryside and through small unknown villages, you will visit the (former) fishermen island Marken, the merchant and harbour town Monnickendam, the fishermen village Volendam, the merchant and cheese town Edam, and Zaanse Schans with its famous windmills along the river Zaan and demonstrations of the making of cheese and wooden shoes.
2. Countryside, merchant towns, windmills Schermerhorn

This tour looks like tour 1, but it is less touristy and it shows you more of "the real Holland". After visiting Marken, Monnickendam, Edam, you will drive to the windmills of Schermerhorn, where you can visit a windmill (that pumped up water for land reclaiming in 1633) and a  windmill museum with a very interesting film. You will drive back on scenic roads through unknown, but pretty towns.
       7 hrs
    € 228 
       7 hrs
    € 241
  7 hrs
€ 241
   8 hrs
   € 315
       7 hrs
    € 302 
   7 hrs
   € 268
       7 hrs
    € 282 
     10 hrs
    € 470
     10 hrs
    € 440 
8. Romantic Bruges (Belgium)

Although it is a long drive from Amsterdam, this well preserved unique old town, with its countless chocolate and lace shops, two cathedrals, the belfry and several museums, is definitely worth the journey! The duration of 10 hours will give you 4 hours in Bruges, which is  enough to see the highlights and make a boat tour or a carriage ride on the cobbled stones. If you need more time or if you want to make stops in Antwerp, Ghent or at the famous water control projects in Zeeland, you will need at least 12 hours (surcharge € 6,00 per 15 minutes).
9.Antwerp and Brussels (Belgium)

In this tour, you will first make a stop in Antwerp, a pleasant Flemish city on the river Scheldt with a big cathedral. In Brussels, you can stroll along the famous Grand Place, the statue of Manneken Pis (a peeing boy, who became the city's trademark), the 19th century Saint Hubert shopping arcades, the Royal palace/park in the upper town (with a nice view on the city centre). Outside the city centre, you can visit the landmark building Atomium and the amazing house of the famous Belgian Art nouveau architect Victor Horta.
3. Zaanse Schans, estates, Keukenhof/tulip fields or Haarlem

In this tour, you will drive on many scenic roads and through villages. After Zaanse Schans, you will drive through the green area of Zuid-Kennemerland, with estates, mansions and the castle ruins of Brederode. In the tulip season (+/- April/May) you will drive through blooming fields to the famous Keukenhof gardens. In other periods, you can visit the pleasant old town of Haarlem instead.
4. Rotterdam, windmills Kinderdijk, Schoonhoven, Gouda

In this tour, you will first make a short stop at the spectacular modern market hall of Rotterdam. Your next stop will be at the famous windmills of Kinderdijk (Unesco World Heritage), from where you will drive on the dyke along the river Lek. After crossing the river on a ferry, you will drive through the nice small town Schoonhoven and on a picturesque small road to Gouda. This town is not only famous for its cheese and syrup waffles, but it also has a lovely old town hall, the longest church of the Netherlands with famous stained glass windows, and many other  interesting buildings.
5. Giethoorn (Venice of the north), reclaimed land, old towns

In this tour, you will first drive through the polders (reclaimed land on the sea bottom of the former Zuiderzee), with the wetlands of the National Park Oostvaardersplassen and the former island Schokland (Unesco). Back in the "old land", you will drive through the beautiful old towns Vollenhove and Blokzijl, but the highlight is the famous water village Giethoorn with its canals, small bridges and beautiful houses with thatched roofs. Here you can make a guided boat tour or rent a boat for yourself to get around on your own.
6. Windmills Stompwijk, The Hague and seaside, Delft

In this tour, you will drive on highways, but also on a picturesque small road, leading to 3 windmills (not open), and from there to the chic government city The Hague, where you will make a sightseeing tour along small palaces, government buildings, the Peace Palace and the Kurhaus at the seaside. After The Hague, you will drive to Delft, where you can stroll along the small canals and on the market square with the beautiful town hall and church. On your way to the town centre, you can visit a factory of the famous Delft Blue earthenware.
7. Kroller Muller museum and National Park Hoge Veluwe

This museum has an outstanding collection of Van Gogh paintings and a lovely sculpture garden, and is at a unique location in the middle of a National Park, once the private hunting ground of the rich Mr. Kroller. His wife preferred art and founded the museum. In the park, you can also visit a beautiful hunting lodge. On the way to and from the museum, several scenic routes or stops are possible.
Entrance fees and weblinks for some of the places that are mentioned above:
Zaanse Schans (heritage village) Free entrance, but admission fees for some of the attractions
Schermerhorn windmill and museum €   4,50
Keukenhof gardens € 18,00
The Hague, museum Mauritshuis € 15,50 (painitings 17thc, Rembrandt, Vermeer (girl pearl earring)
Delft Blue pottery Paauw 1651 Free private tour (friendly small factory, but with stairs inside)
Delft Blue factory Royal Delft € 14,00 for headphone tour, rather busy and touristy, but nice building
Kinderdijk windmills Free entrance, but admission fees for some of the attractions
Gouda Saint John church €   7,50
Giethoorn (Venice of the north) €   8,50 for guided boat tour, € 17,50-€ 27,50 for boat rental (4-6 p)
Kroller Muller museum/
National Park Hoge Veluwe
€ 20,90 combination ticket park + museum (the museum is in the
park; the taxi and the driver have free admission to the park)
Brussels Horta museum € 10,00
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